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Listen To An Original Koronadal Blaan Song

Pastor Edgar Masangkay sings a song he wrote

Here are the words to Edgar's song.
 Koronadal Blaan
Dad To Mdana, Gfule, na Lanah, Nalek i Dwata

Verse 1
Di ksutam tah tana ani, Dwata i duenan.
Kenen mle ge lawil na nawa,
Na kenen duenam mto fa.

Nangam fandam na mdana ge.
Nangam fandam na la mabtas ge.
Ye fandamam i Dwata, kenen i tamlo ge.

Verse 2
Ku lyalom lande fanduf ge, i Dwata la bayaan ge.
Du kenen i mangfun ge,
na kenen mle di ge kafye.

Nangam fandam ta gfule ge.
Nangam fandam na lanah ge.
Ye fandamam i Dwata, ta teenan ge.

Ku mdana ge, gfule, na lanah,
Nang ge mlidu, na ge liko, Dyisas mngabal ge.
Balu det kagkaham bong nawan ge.
Di krus ta fiten na falyalon i kafyen na i kakdon.
Dwata i malek ge.
 English translation
God has Chosen the People who are of Low Esteem, Left Behind, and Lost

Verse 1
God is the reason for your birth here on earth.
He has given you life and breath,
He is your reason you are still alive.

Don't think you are of low esteem.
Don't think you are of no worth.
Think of God, for He has chosen you.

Verse 2
If you feel that no one cares about you,
God has not ignored you.
For He owns you,
and He gives you grace.

Don't think you are left behind.
Don't think you are lost.
Think of God, for He sees you.

If you are of low esteem, left behind, and lost,
Don't be discouraged, don't be afraid,
Jesus is looking for you.
Whatever your situation, He loves you.
On the cross He showed and let you
feel His grace and love.
God has chosen you.