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A Time For Celebration!
Read a joyful e-mail from Meena

"Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. How, then, can they call on the One they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the One of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written, 'How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!'"
(Romans 10:13-15 NIV)

Consider the verse above. In it we read the Biblical message is given by the voice of one preaching. Bible understanding is also acquired through reading. How do non-readers learn the Bible message, if there is no one to preach? "Beautiful feet" in modern technology can be seen as tiny solar, battery, or crank powered audio players that are able to contain the entire New Testament, [NT].

The computer screen shows all steps complete!

"Good Drama — Even though the voice actors were all brand new for their roles, they performed so vividly that the completed chapters were [very] interesting and realistic to hear. A pastor who took [the] Jesus role gave up his lecture to other pastors to keep his voice unchanged throughout the project. Our Luke narrator, who joined our project at the last moment, read and acted out his character lines very well. You would remember we asked prayer for the role of Paul and the Luke narrator. Our Lord provided these lovers of His Word."
Meena writing about the completion of the audio recordings for the Koronadal Blaan New Testament.

The computer checking program–displayed on the screen above–turned the many little boxes green, one by one until all the chapters had been read aloud, listened to, corrected, retakes done, and received final approval. As the Blaans say, "Ta fnge!" which means "IT IS FINISHED!"

Leon and Sally,
Greetings from Davao

After finishing the recording and chapter listening late on Friday (March 12th), we were working on cleaning up the site and preparing to burn the [master] DVD. Two weeks of day and night (chapter editing) work really made us tired and we needed some good rest for some days.

Now while Jaicheol is still working on cleaning up the files and checking process, I have some time to respond and share the experience with you. First of all we praise Him for His timely provision for this project. I prepared some pictures which are included below.

Pastor Saya was shedding tears and we all did during the time that they were singing "To God Be the Glory" in the Blaan language. All the main characters (Jesus, Paul, 4 Gospel narrators) and Pastor Saya (Project Assistant) were present for the last week and we were thankful for God's Grace to let us finish the recording on Tuesday (March 9).

I'll share the observations and blessings we experienced as follows:
  1. Language leaning – During the recording we needed to ask the voice actors to drink a sip of water to prevent mouth noise. So we learned how to ask that in Blaan. "Minum ge tukay eel" –Drink some water. Blaans were proud of their beautiful "f" sound and distinct structure of the language.

  2. [We had] 25 voice talents from 25 different villages – We found out the voice talents were from various villages throughout the southern Cotabato area. The voice actors tried hard to finish their roles and that was mostly successful. Pastor Saya helped them to practice their parts.

  3. Good Drama – Even though the voice actors were all brand new for their roles, they performed so vividly [making] the completed chapters interesting and realistic to hear. You would remember we asked prayer for the Paul's role and Luke narrator roles. Our Lord provided these lovers of His Words.

  4. Unexpected hindrances – Earthquake (magnitude 5.2) on March 1 alarmed us all while we were in the middle of the recording. It lasted almost 5 minutes. Brown outs hit several working days during the nights or daytimes. Thankfully we were able to continue the chapter listening with portable MP3 player/speaker connected to the laptop computer. We had a surprise of a voice talent who lost his voice. Pastor Saya again rescued us by bringing a right substitute voice actor.

  5. Many visitors because we recorded in Davao – Tagakaulo team, Agusan Manobo team, Sarangani Blaan pastors, and others. We were blessed with Davao SIL office's support.

May He continue to bless your walk with [the] Blaan people,
Meena with Jaicheol

Meena sent pictures from the last week of recording

Looking over Meena's shoulder, we see the voice pattern and the vertical "editing line" where she is cleaning up the sound. Editing might be removing a cough or a stray click heard by the microphone. She could also be blending in an audio retake to replace an incorrect reading. Jaicheol and Meena are using highly specialized software to make their critical job easier and more accurate.

The checking crew were so excited to see the completed Koronadal Blaan Audio New Testament, that they worked into the night checking every word spoken to see that it was exactly like the original Blaan translation. While the recording is being checked, Jaicheol is working with other parts of the New Testament.

You can almost feel the concentration of the checking crew in this picture, as they listen and follow the recorded audio Scripture with the translated book open before them.

Four Sarangani Blaan pastors visit a recording session. There are two dialects of the Blaan. One is Sarangani Blaan and the other is Koronadal Blaan. This project will be in the Koronadal. The Sarangani are interested in having a project done for their dialect as well.

At the completion of all recording and checking, there was a special time of celebration at the Davao Center. They shared a meal and fellowship time. Then, as was mentioned above, the Blaans broke out with singing that great old hymn "To God Be the Glory"—in the Blaan language. To the Christian's ear, this song says it all. While everyone was there, time was taken for one more photo op.

The last photo was of the main characters. They had the lion's share of the reading parts. Much rested on the quality of their work. We praise the Lord for every person involved and most especially for Jaicheol and Meena. Without their commitment to this project, little would have been accomplished.

Recording Continues

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Recording the Koronadal Blaan New Testament
The latest and great news is that JAARS Vernacular Media, in partnership with Hosanna Music's Faith Comes By Hearing, has begun the process of recording the entire Koronadal Blaan New Testament. (After 17 years in the translation process, the completed New Testament was printed and dedicated in July, 1996.) The Audio New Testament will be put on small players for non-readers, so they too can study God's Word. They are powered either by solar, battery, or a hand crank. There will be corresponding Bible study guides for leaders to use.

The recording director, Jaicheol, prepares audio software
to store the Scripture being read by one of the 24 "voices".

The recording venue will be in Davao City, Philippines. SIL has a quiet location that provides adequate and safe facilities for doing the recording. The General Santos City area is where many of the 24 Blaan readers live. Even though this is a 100 mile trip for them on public transportation, there is great excitement about being part of this long hoped-for project.

We are asking folks to pray that the recording process would go smoothly and for peaceful relationships.

It will take about six weeks to record the entire NT. Also pray for safe travel as the various readers travel to and from Davao. Pastor Cuma Saya is the Blaan coordinator for this, working with Jaicheol and Meena.

The pictures above and below show most of the Blaans who
came to read for the Audio New Testament

Pastor Cuma observing one of the "voices" reading the
Koronadal Blaan Scripture into the microphone

Recording Starts

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Koronadal Blaan New Testament Recording Continues
An encouraging e-mail from Meena sent Tue., Feb. 23rd

Dear Leon and Sally,

Greetings from Manila this week! Since Jaicheol is scheduled to help our new team kick start the Waray recording project, I'm in Manila this week too. We finished 67% of recording and 101 chapters out of 260 chapters in [the Koronadal Blaan] NT have been completed. By God's Grace and your wonderful support of prayers and encouragement, we came to this point.

While I have some spare time after editing completed chapters for the chapter listening [i.e., accuracy checking], I thought you would like to get some new photos that Jaicheol took during the recording.


Meena with Jaicheol

PS: Hope you can update your website for the others praying.

One of the 24 "voices" speaking some New Testament verses in the portable sound chamber.
The special egg-crate foam absorbs outside noise and reduces echoes from the one speaking.

Pictured here are three more New Testament "voices".
These men also happen to be brothers.

Producing the Audio New Testament requires that Scripture be read aloud into the audio recorder and then time is spent listening carefully to the playback to be certain the voice is exactly following the written Word. Any mistakes are corrected by reading them again into the recorder.

Here are two more proof listeners. They are intent on making the
Koronadal Blaan Audio New Testament the best it can be.

Meena makes the following observation from the recording and checking sessions.

"Even though we had some difficulties [in choosing the] right voice actors [for each of the 24 voices needed], we are amazed how well this Scripture is used among Blaan people, regardless of their generations. Many young people are good at reading and proof listening, so we have made good speed [and are] progressing well. We started completed-chapter listening and found out [the Blaan] really liked the product. They were very proud of their performance and they didn't want to stop listening."

Jaicheol and Meena have done a marvelous job of running this project. Even before the readers arrived, they needed to have
all the scripts and recording equipment ready, so once begun, the sessions could run without a hitch.

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