Recording Continues

Post date: Aug 3, 2010 3:35:41 AM

Recording the Koronadal Blaan New Testament

The latest and great news is that JAARS Vernacular Media, in partnership with Hosanna Music's Faith Comes By Hearing, has begun the process of recording the entire Koronadal Blaan New Testament. (After 17 years in the translation process, the completed New Testament was printed and dedicated in July, 1996.) The Audio New Testament will be put on small players for non-readers, so they too can study God's Word. They are powered either by solar, battery, or a hand crank. There will be corresponding Bible study guides for leaders to use.

The recording director, Jaicheol, prepares audio software

to store the Scripture being read by one of the 24 "voices".

The recording venue will be in Davao City, Philippines. SIL has a quiet location that provides adequate and safe facilities for doing the recording. The General Santos City area is where many of the 24 Blaan readers live. Even though this is a 100 mile trip for them on public transportation, there is great excitement about being part of this long hoped-for project. We are asking folks to pray that the recording process would go smoothly and for peaceful relationships. It will take about six weeks to record the entire NT. Also pray for safe travel as the various readers travel to and from Davao. Pastor Cuma Saya is the Blaan coordinator for this, working with Jaicheol and Meena.

The pictures above and below show most of the Blaans who

came to read for the Audio New Testament

Pastor Cuma observing one of the "voices" reading the

Koronadal Blaan Scripture into the microphone