Recording Starts

Post date: Aug 3, 2010 3:28:21 AM

Koronadal Blaan New Testament Recording Continues

An encouraging e-mail from Meena sent Tue., Feb. 23rd

Dear Leon and Sally,

Greetings from Manila this week! Since Jaicheol is scheduled to help our new team kick start the Waray recording project, I'm in Manila this week too. We finished 67% of recording and 101 chapters out of 260 chapters in [the Koronadal Blaan] NT have been completed. By God's Grace and your wonderful support of prayers and encouragement, we came to this point.

While I have some spare time after editing completed chapters for the chapter listening [i.e., accuracy checking], I thought you would like to get some new photos that Jaicheol took during the recording.


Meena with Jaicheol

PS: Hope you can update your website for the others praying.

One of the 24 "voices" speaking some New Testament verses in the portable sound chamber.

The special egg-crate foam absorbs outside noise and reduces echoes from the one speaking.

Pictured here are three more New Testament "voices".

These men also happen to be brothers.

Producing the Audio New Testament requires that Scripture be read aloud into the audio recorder and then time is spent listening carefully to the playback to be certain the voice is exactly following the written Word. Any mistakes are corrected by reading them again into the recorder.

Here are two more proof listeners. They are intent on making the

Koronadal Blaan Audio New Testament the best it can be.

Meena makes the following observation from the recording and checking sessions.

"Even though we had some difficulties [in choosing the] right voice actors [for each of the 24 voices needed], we are amazed how well this Scripture is used among Blaan people, regardless of their generations. Many young people are good at reading and proof listening, so we have made good speed [and are] progressing well. We started completed-chapter listening and found out [the Blaan] really liked the product. They were very proud of their performance and they didn't want to stop listening."

Jaicheol and Meena have done a marvelous job of running this project. Even before the readers arrived, they needed to have

all the scripts and recording equipment ready, so once begun, the sessions could run without a hitch.