Manila Flood Relief

How To Help The Victims of Typhoon Ondoy

The picture below shows Filipinos working together to move needed supplies to families hit hardest by the flooding.

September 25 & 26, tropical storm Ondoy (a.k.a. Ketsana) dropped a month's worth of rain in 24 hours. Waters rose quickly, trapping people on their roof tops or in their vehicles. Families were separated, caught on opposite sides of the Pasig River. Hundreds died. Many thousands left homeless.

Here is a YouTube video taken during the storm. Click for Ondoy video.

Read personal notes of friends and SIL colleagues who experienced the storm's fury.

Wycliffe Associates, our sister organization that specializes in offering practical help, is now accepting donations for relief work to aid the flood victims in Manila.

» Donations may be sent to:

Wycliffe Associates Or call: 1-800-843-9673

PO Box 2000

Orange, CA 92859 U.S.A.

» Specify that your gift is for, "Philippine Flood Relief - 3390"

Donations to the same account can also be made on-line at:

Wycliffe Associates Secure giving on-line: Click for donation form

  1. Fill in the form and for "Program", choose "Other"
  2. On the next line, specify for "Philippine Flood Relief - 3390"
  3. Click "Next" to complete your donation to the Manila flood victims.

» Thank you.