The Ondoy flood gets personal

Praying For Specific Flood Victims With An Opportunity To Give

From the SIL Philippines Prayer Coordinator [~excerpt]

October 21, 2009

The names--first only--listed below are friends and colleagues of SIL Philippines who were hit hard personally as a result of tropical storm Ondoy. The storm has passed, but they are still dealing with the aftermath. Please be in prayer for each name you read including their families, in most cases. If you'd like to donate, you can do so online by going through Wycliffe Associates. (The link for giving toward the Philippines Flood Relief Fund #3390 is at the end of this page.)

~ Pastor Mario and Beth (TAP): Water was 20 foot high. They lost everything.

~ Cecille: Lost their house contents and have to live elsewhere since the house has major structural damage due to the typhoon.

~ Lito and Jing (TAP): They were attending the Kinaray-a NT Dedication when the storm hit Manila. Their whole house was submerged. No family members were injured, only property damages.

~ Jenny (ASA): Jennelyn was attending Kinaray-a NT dedication in Antique when the typhoon struck Manila. Her house was submerged and during the flood, part of the wall in the kitchen got washed away and a lot of her things floated away with the flood. Immediate needs are for office clothing, kitchen utensils, bedding and house repairs.

~ Pastor Lloyd and Dahl (Sa Bawat Wika): Evacuated house due to flooding in sub-division. Costs involved staying out of house and possible repairs to underground systems.

~ Roderick (SILP): He lives beside Araneta Avenue where it usually floods but this is the first time that their whole house was submerged in water. Their whole second floor and roof of the house was washed away by the floods. They were able to save their clothing but it's wet by the floods. His daughters' school books got wet. Their cooking range, electric fan, bedding, pillows was submerged in water. All their shoes got washed away by the floods. Update: he is still reinforcing repairs of their house but he is thankful for all the help he is getting.

~ Marc and Suzanne (SILP): First floor was flooded. Total damage unknown at this time.

~ Bob and Carol (SILP): First floor flooded. Lost piano and items on first floor. The owner of the house is willing to let them stop paying rent until their house is restored. Their kitchen was destroyed as was most of their kitchen stuff. The big expense for them is the replacement of Carol's piano and kitchen appliances.

~ Erlene (ASA): She was attending the Kinaray-a NT dedication when the storm hit Manila. She lives with her father (Ric, SILP). Water came up to a few inches to their 2nd floor of their house. All their appliances, refrigerator, washing machine, cooking stove, their Tamaraw FX (van) got submerged in flood water. All family members are accounted for and they are now cleaning their house and trying to repair things. She was able to get back home a few days after the storm.

~ Ric (SILP): He lives in Karangalan village. Besides things listed (see Erlene above), Ric reports the loss of approximately 20 sacks of rice. Update: their Tamaraw FX has since been fixed and is now in running condition. Thankfully, all family members are accounted.

~ Andy and Mafe (TAP/SILP): Their house was submerged in water. Water in their first floor was up to the neck. They have not returned to their house because of the garbage being piled around their neighborhood. They were able to clean the inside of their house, but they are cautious (for health reasons) of staying there because of the garbage. Hopefully, garbage collection will soon resume.

~ Rezyl (SILP): Her sister rents a 2nd floor apartment that was affected because the water came up to the roof of the apartment. Immediate needs: help for the sister as they lost most of their things and appliances like washing machine and refrigerator. They still don't have water and electricity. Because of the poor living conditions in Marikina after the floods, their two year old son needed to be hospitalized. He could not breathe due to the mud turning into dust and blowing up with the winds. Update: Rezyl reports her nephew was released from the hospital and is doing better.

~ Dave and Tammy (SILP): Car was submerged in flash flood.

~ Joane (ASA): Flood waters came into the whole first floor of their house. Her car, her two brothers' cars were completely submerged in flood waters. All appliances in the first floor were submerged. Cabinets and walls are in ruins. Electricity was back to normal after four days. Repairs are being done at their house. Her car might need a lot of repair because water came into the engine and fuel tank. This could mean trouble for her.

~ Manny (SILP): He lives with his wife's Aunt. The whole house got submerged in flood waters. He was only able to save the milk powder of his 2 year old son and some clothing. When they went back to their house after the waters receded, they were only able to salvage what was left of their clothing and other cabinets. The school shoes of his eldest son got washed away, school bag with books gone, the inhaler of his son got wet. But all family members are accounted for and are doing okay. Immediate needs: bedding (mattress etc.), all household utensils, inhaler and school supplies and shoes for his son. Manny needs another pair of working clothes and shoes. He also needs to repair their main door of their house because it got washed away by the flood.

~ Elsie (SILP): Flood waters came into their house. There is no more water in their house but there are still flood waters around their area, causing them to stay at her mother's house.

~ Sharon (SILP): First floor flooded. She lost everything in her house including all her clothing. She is in a much more precarious situation. Sharon will not return to her house in Riverside as the oil spill made that an impossible situation. She is now looking for a new place.

Please continue to pray for these people and for the community at large, as they work together

to rebuild homes and lives.

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