Rev. 7

Spheres of Influence Read how God used a young Guatemalan Indian, a Sunday school teacher, pastors, peers and parents as catalysts, helping influence others to offer their lives, time and talents to the Bible translation movement.

Profiles of men, women, and an extended family who invest in Bible translation–related ministries at JAARS through applying their business or professional experience, knowledge, and resources; serving on the board; contributing finances; volunteering at our center; and dedicating time in prayer.

Rev. 7 is a quarterly magazine that highlights Bible translation and the support services that we here at JAARS provide. This 16-page, full-color publication includes personal accounts, technology updates and reports on Bible translation progress worldwide.

Scripture via Sight and Sound "For people in oral societies, dance, poetry, art, storytelling—even genealogies—are used to convey important messages. Knowledge is passed on through oral instruction and personal example. Many of these societies have no written language whatsoever. Or, in communities where a writing system is introduced, oral communication often persists as the most important, prevalent, and enjoyable way to exchange information. According to most recent estimates, oral societies make up about two–thirds of the world's population—and the vast majority of Bibleless people groups fall into this category"

"The leadership of the Evangelical Church of Guinea-Bissau has made it their responsibility to see Bible translation completed for every language in the country… JAARS is privileged and excited to partner with them."The JAARS Wireless IT Dept., Leon's assignment, is a major player helping provide power and communications. They work with the local Bible translation teams to design solutions that will speed Bible translation efforts. (The article starts on page 10)